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Vintage / Thursday, April 8th, 2021

I hope you had fun figuring out the stories behind the photos in last week’s blog

At the very least, it kept you busy while I enjoyed the end of a beautiful getaway with the family!

Thanks to all those who sent through their answers… they were very entertaining.

The Grand Prize goes to Kym M (a much loved member of the Somerled family!), who not only got some right, but also earned points for creativity! Well done Kym. We’ll be in touch with details of your prize.


But now, without further ado…


1. The prodigal daughter

The eldest Moody daughter, Emma, braved 2 weeks hotel quarantine to visit Rob, Heather and Lucy. She arrived from New York in early March and was officially welcomed home two weeks later with a home-cooked meal and the last of the 2006 Chardonnay (which you can see Rob pouring for her in this photo).

Needless to say, Emma is enjoying the relative freedom of life here in the Adelaide Hills. We’re lucky to have her around until (at least) the end of April, when she plans to celebrate an extra special birthday with the family.

Make sure you say “Hi” if you spot her doing a shift at the Cellar Bar!


2. A family tradition

Something which is always included in Emma’s visit itinerary is lunch at the Star of Greece in Port Willunga. It’s a family favourite – the view, weather (which always seems to be nice when they visit), company, wine combination is definitely hard to beat!

3. 2021 tasty tastings


The colour alone should have given you a hint on what Rob had in his glass in these photos. Of course, it’s our 2021 Shiraz! 

On the way to lunch at Star of Greece, the Moodys made a quick stop off at the winery in McLaren Vale where Mike Farmilo is looking after this wine for Rob. Both Mike and Rob are extremely happy! And that makes me very happy!


4. The reason I’m less than enthusiastic about blogging this week

I went on holiday.

We had a week on Kangaroo Island.

The weather was perfect.

It was the best!


5. Plentiful pickings

The last of our vintage 2021 fruit was picked last week – Tempranillo and Graciano which is destined to become our next Picnic Races Red. 

Thanks to Glynn, Julia, Harry and Janelle who were able to help us out on the day (and to those of you who wanted to, but weren’t able to make it). We couldn’t have done it without you… well, we probably could but it would have taken a lot longer and been a lot less fun!


6. Sisters are doing it for themselves

Lucy and Emma had their own mini-getway last week. They made the most of the gorgeous weather we’ve been having by spending a couple of days at Middleton. 

And no, they’re not catching some waves in this photo. Just watching from a distance… with a glass of Somerled in hand, no doubt!


While several of us have been off on holiday, Rob has been working hard (someone has to!).

As I mentioned, the last of our fruit for vintage 2021 has been picked… so everything is now in the winery doing its thing.

As Rob likes to say, “They’re all ticking along nicely”. I think that means he’s happy!

Here is a super quick run-down of where things are at…

Sparkling: has finished fermentation

Sauvignon Blanc: Rob kept the “free run” and “pressings” separate for this one and they are both almost finished fermentation. He’ll blend them back together (in just the right quantities) before bottling (which should be very soon!).

Half of this wine will head to barrel to become the Fumé Blanc.

Rosé: Almost all the way through fermentation. It has some beautiful raspberry flavours which Rob is very happy with.

Chardonnay: is happily sitting in barrel while it finishes primary fermentation.

LDR: has been innoculated with malolactic bacteria.

Pinot Dry Red: was racked off skins and into barrel earlier in the week. It had been on skins for around 7 days.

Tempranillo/Graciano: is happily co-fermenting as we speak.



“Hang on! Hang on!

… you lost me up there with all that talk of fermentation”.

Never fear! Just remember to tune in next week when I will explain it all.

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