Merry Easter!

Vintage / Thursday, April 1st, 2021

It’s Easter (thanks for stating the obvious Maree) and you’ve got a couple of days off work, so I’ve got a fun family game for you to play along with at home!

We’ve had a lot going on since we last spoke, but… I’m on holiday (massive hint you should take note of) and let’s be honest, I’m not really up for going through it all with you this week. Not when I’ve got this on my doorstep…

(can you blame me?!)


This week, I’m handing it over to you. 

I’m going to show you some photos and I want YOU to take a guess at what’s going on. Give me as much detail (in the comments or via email) about each group of photos and you could win yourself an Easter treat (yet to be determined, but I’ll come up with something good!).

And next week, I promise I’ll fill you in on all the goings on.

Now… where is my wine…?   


1. The prodigal daughter

2. A family tradition

3. 2021 tasty tastings


4. The reason I’m less than enthusiastic about blogging this week

5. Plentiful pickings

6. Sisters are doing it for themselves


Submit your answers now (via the comments or email) for your chance to win (… a prize yet to be approved/determined!) and tune in next week to catch up on all the news.


Have a great Easter everyone!

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