7 wine gadgets you (probably could but) shouldn’t live without…


Now that we’re all starting to get a bit more fancy pants about our food and wine at home, I […]

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A perfect match…

Food + Wine

As promised last week, we’re going to talk about food and wine pairing in today’s blog.

Unfortunately due to the fact that I have a brain like a sieve…

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The wonderful (and somewhat confusing) world of buds!


In an attempt to make up for last week, I’m setting myself a challenge. This week, I am going to […]

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Winery update


I’m not going to beat around the bush… it’s been one heck of a week! We’ve been run off our […]

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Vale Wal Milne


This week, we lost one of our Somerled family. A true gentleman, storyteller and family man.   Brother-in-law to Rob […]

March 12, 2020