Welcome home!

Somerled / Thursday, June 11th, 2020

This week it’s all about us! 

I’m sorry to say, if you came here for something educational this week, you’re going to leave pretty disappointed…

But, hey! I don’t do this very often. I just think that our little Cellar Bar deserves it’s very own blog post for once.


Because yesterday, we were finally able to re-open our doors to you.

And it feels so good to be back!


Our lockdown time hasn’t just been about doing jigsaw puzzles and learning how to knit.

We have put that time to very good use.

And we have lots of new things to share with you.


What’s new?

Most important things first…

We have a beautiful new stapler that matches our scissors…! 

And check out these gorgeous pastel highlighters…!!


We also bought some new chalk! It replaces the single nub of chalk (pictured sitting on top of the new box) left from the packet we bought when we first opened almost 10 years ago!

OK, OK… I accept these things may not be that exciting for you, but they definitely are for us!

Let’s move on…


What’s new (and interesting!)?

Furniture and decor

We have some lovely new high tables, so you can have a drink “BY the bar” (seeing “AT the bar” is still a no-no!).

We’ve replaced our old wooden boards and white dishes with some stunning new Robert Gordon crockery. Keep an eye out for it when you order your favourite platter or nibbles. Or take notice of the cute little bowls we’re now using to serve you some chocolate coated coffee beans to enjoy while you settle your bill!

And we have some adorable new soy candles for our tables from Spoggy here in the Adelaide Hills. Hand-poured pure soy wax candles in a handmade (and reusable) clay vessel. Check them out here.



You can still get all our amazing wines by the glass and half glass (or bottle!).

We are also offering three different seated tastings:

  • Whites – Sauvignon Blanc, Fumé Blanc and Chardonnay
  • Reds – Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Shiraz

and our new tasting…

  • Pinot – Sparkling white, Rosé and Pinot Noir dry red. 

All of your favourite platters and nibbles are also back along with two new offerings…

The Bistro Plate is a Croque Monsieur served with a glass of Somerled Shiraz. And the French plate is a glass of Sparkling Pinot Noir served alongside a slice of Little Acre pate, cornichons and crackers.



New wines

If you’ve been keeping up with previous posts you’d know we’ve got a few new wines on their way.

Including a new style light dry Pinot Noir and the return of the ever-popular Tempranillo!

They’re scheduled for bottling at the end of this month. Keep an ear out for their imminent arrival.



We’ve given the roster a bit of a shakeup. If you usually visit us at the same time every week then you might see a few new (or even familiar!) faces.

The lovely Emma and Karen will be back behind the bar, as will newbie Jess (you may have met her on a Saturday afternoon just before we closed).

We’re delighted to be welcoming back new mum Crystal. As much as she adores baby Elle, I’m sure she’s as excited as we are to be back at Somerled.

We are also super excited to welcome back a friendly familiar face – Neala. If you’re relatively new to Somerled then we’re looking forward to introducing you to one of our original team members. We knew she couldn’t stay away forever!

As usual, I’ll be helping out behind the scenes and the Moodys will be popping in for a glass or two (but only if they book ahead!).

Speaking of which…


How to book

We’re putting the finishing touches on a fancy new online booking system that we’ll send out soon. For the time being, it’s just easier to email us…


We have a few new rules we are required to stick by. So, this is what we need from you:

  • Exact number of seats (a maximum of 8 seats per booking)
  • Exact time of arrival
  • Exact duration of stay: choose 1/2 hour, 1 hour or 2 hour

Your booking is not confirmed until you get a return email from us.


We so look forward to cheersing, sipping, nibbling and gossiping by the fire again with each and every one of you!

(and I promise to bring you something a little more educational next week!)

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  1. Hi there
    I called Friday afternoon to book in for Friday 3rd July from 6pm – til close please. 3 people. My number is 0448868490.
    i spoke with Emma.


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