Temporary interruption to our regular broadcast

Somerled / Friday, June 22nd, 2018

So, here’s the thing… I’ve had one of THOSE weeks. Luckily, I’ve had a good supply of Somerled wine to get me through. But, I am asking for your forgiveness and input and hoping you’ll do the hard work for me this time around…

I love writing this blog and hopefully, I am helping you to understand a little more about the winemaking process and what makes Somerled wines, in particular, so special.

But, am I?

Who are YOU?

Is anyone out there?

I would love to hear from you!

So, I am hoping that I can leave this week’s post up to you. Comment below and tell me…

  1. What is one thing you have learnt since reading the blog? Or which has been your favourite post so far?

    Is it the updates from the winery you like the most? What about information on your favourite varieties? The practical stuff? Or do you like it when I get all technical on you?!

  2. What is something you would like to learn that I haven’t covered yet?

    You name it, I’ll investigate it for you!

Don’t worry, I’ve still got plenty of ideas and topics to bring you! And next week, I will be back with another informative post straight from The Horse’s Mouth!

17 Replies to “Temporary interruption to our regular broadcast”

  1. Hi Maree. I am here and reading. To pick 1 thing I would say the article on the proteins used in the process and why. Cheers Janelle

  2. Long time listener first time caller! Love the blog! Great variety of topics, accessible without being superficial, informative, warmly presented, faithful to the general Moody/Somerled experience really. You should do this for a living! (no idea what else you should write about but I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading it!) Thanks!

  3. I really enjoy learning more about the technical element, but as a keen gardener I’d love to hear more about the ways that different grapes grow in different soil types and climates.

    On the favorite variety front, I opened a 2013 picnic races Tempranillo at work last Friday, to contrast with a Spanish bottle somebody brought in. The difference was so stark (in your favor). But you can’t go past your Shiraz in my mind. I’ve got a few consecutive years squirreled away that I plan to open for a tasting soon, getting back to the whole “how does climactic conditions impact on the grapes” question.

    Hope your weekend brings withit a change in your fortunes.

  4. Hi Janelle!
    Thanks for being here! I’m glad you enjoyed that post… good to hear I’m not boring everyone with the technical stuff!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi Phil from Summertown… thanks for stopping by!
    And thanks for the amazing feedback. Happy to hear it’s hitting the spot.

  6. That’s a great topic, Ben! We do an educational tasting that answers that exact question, so I could definitely expand on this one. And if you’re interested, we’re planning on creating a virtual version of our educational tastings – it could be a good way to learn a bit more.
    Thanks for your input!

  7. Hullo Maree,
    Learning and drinking lots ( in moderation ) whatever that means. Is it possible to have some information on the importance of correct pruning, watering and ‘ feeding ‘ the vines. Love the Sherry is there more to come?

  8. Hi Maree, sorry it’s been a bad week. They turn up sometimes when least expected.

    I’m happy to wait a week or so for more outstanding bloggery 😎

    See you soon 🍷

  9. Maree, your blogs are awesome. I can’t wait to try the Somerled Apera!
    Take care… we are all here and not going to switch off because you miss a blog or two…
    Take care of yourself and I will see you all in July… I am sharing my stash of Somerled red here in Brisbane and you have gained some fans. Please come and visit and get a fab distributor up here soon! 😘Kymmie

  10. We are all here Maree, never fear. Just because say nothing doesn’t mean we think nothing!
    But Robs’ wines are so good they don’t leave much space for any comments except superlatives!
    Always interested in the technical stuff and the role each element plays in developing the flavour and feel of each variety.

  11. Awww… thanks Kym! I’ll stop feeling so insecure now.
    hmmm, a QLD trip in winter does sound tempting!
    See you soon x

  12. Thanks John! As one of my biggest contributors, you are well and truly off the hook. I’m glad you’re enjoying it and will continue with the technical stuff.

  13. Hi Maree
    I don’t always read the blog but that’s more because of me finding the time. I’ve always enjoyed the tone and friendliness that comes through the communications from Somerled. I’m always disappointed that I can’t make some of your special events (I live inter-state) so maybe photos or something on those events – might need to put a rating for the life drawing event 😀. (Hope I’m not suggesting something you are doing)

  14. That’s a great idea Cathy… thanks! We are working on a way for our interstaters to be more involved in our special events, so watch this space. But this is a great start in the meantime.
    And thanks for the positive feedback on the blog!

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