Have you been listening?

Somerled / Thursday, December 20th, 2018

Welcome to the last official post for the year… what? You want me to post next week as well!? Can I have one week off? Please?

Believe me… once you’ve read this post, you’re going to want a bit of extra time up your sleeve before the next instalment.


The Inaugural “From the Horse’s Mouth – Somerled Wine Education Blog” Super Quiz!

I seriously hope you have been paying attention!

Got a bit of down time which needs filling over the holidays? Looking for a way to liven up an otherwise dull family get together? Need a few conversations starters for your NYE dinner party? Then this is the post for you!

Whether the answers come from memory or by re-reading some of this year’s posts… add your answers to the comments below (or email them to me). The winner will be taking home a bottle of Sparkling Pinot Noir AND a bottle of Sparkling Shiraz!!

I’ll be back in January with the answers, so you have a
couple of weeks to submit your entries.


  1. Who writes the “From the Horse’s Mouth” Blog?
  2. What are the three processes which make up “veraison”?
  3. Which wine won the best Sparkling in Show at the Adelaide Hills Wine Show in 2017 (including vintage)?
  4. What name is given to Sherry in Australia?
  5. How many vintages did Rob celebrate this year?
  6. Which is NOT a commonly used fining agent…?
    • Gelatine
    • Isinglass (derived from fish)
    • Egg albumen
    • Casein
    • Skim Milk
    • Rice flour
    • Bentonite
    • Carbon
    • Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP)
  7. True or False. Rob gets his Pinot Noir grapes for the Sparkling, Rose and dry red from Summertown?
  8. True or false. A grape juice with 13 ˚Bé will, if fermented completely, produce a wine of about 13% alcohol by volume?
  9. Which colour grapes are normally crushed before they are pressed? Red or white?
  10. Fill in the blanks… Primary fermentation is the conversion of the ­­­­­­____ in the grape juice to _______ and carbon dioxide by specifically selected _____.
  11. What does MLF stand for?
  12. Match the characters of wine (Primary fruit flavours and aromas, Developed fruit characters (or secondary flavours and aromas), Tertiary characters) with where they are derived from (Aging, Fermentation process, Grapes)
  13. What name is given to a wine barrel with a capacity of 225L?
  14. What is your favourite Somerled wine?
  15. What is Heather’s favourite wine and what does she like to eat with it?
  16. Name one charity Somerled has helped with our regular “Harvest Day” lunches.
  17. Who is also referred to as the “Father of Grange”?
  18. Name one common wine fault and how to identify it?
  19. True or False. Thanks to Lucy you can now find Somerled at the Blinman Hotel in the Flinders Ranges?
  20. How many times has Rob fallen into a fermenter?
  21. When was our new website launched? The first day of Autumn, The first day of Winter, the first day of Spring or The first day of Summer
  22. Rob uses Pinot Noir for how many different wines (in any given vintage)?
  23. Name one country the Moody’s have visited this year and why?
  24. Name the four steps involved in tasting a wine.
  25. Name one “colour”-themed song which was played last Jockey Club packing day.

From the Moody’s and the rest of the Somerled team…


2 Replies to “Have you been listening?”

  1. You do not need to bribe us to read your [always] interesting and informative information.

    I love to brag about Somerled wines. To bad they are not available in the US. I have more friends since I am the only way they can taste them.

  2. Awww… thanks Gordon (our ever faithful only OS Jockey Club member!)!

    Glad Somerled is making you so popular over there!

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