Vintage 2022 update…

Wine / Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

It’s about time we hit Rob up for a vintage update… don’t you think?

With most of the grapes off the vine and his 2022 wines fermenting away happily, I managed to track Rob down to find out how things are tracking.

Here’s what he had to say…



So, amazingly, we still have one variety hanging on the vine waiting to be picked.

Perhaps they didn’t get the memo that it’s almost MAY??!!

It’s all good though. Usually a late-ripening variety, they’re in fine shape. Just taking their sweet time! 

They were around 12 baumé last week. Rob would prefer them to be closer to 13 baumé, so they should be ready by Tuesday/Wednesday next week.

If you need it, here is a quick reminder of what we mean by those numbers up there…

Prior to harvest, representative samples of the berries are collected regularly and crushed to release the juice. The juice is then tested in the lab to determine the sugar content in that sample and is expressed in units of degrees Baumé (oBé) or degrees Brix (pronounced bricks).

Baumé is more commonly used because it also gives a convenient prediction of the potential alcohol content of the wine produced from those grapes. The general rule is that 1oBé is equivalent to 1% alcohol. For example, a grape juice with 13 oBé will, if fermented completely, produce a wine of about 13% alcohol by volume.


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Sauvignon Blanc

Great news! Rob’s 2022 Sauvignon Blanc has officially completed fermentation!

That means he’ll be heading to the winery next week to do a fining trial in preparation for bottling by the end of May.

(Brush up on the topic of fining by re-reading this post.)

That’s right fans… your favourite Somerled drop will be back before you know it!


Fumé Blanc

The Sauvignon Blanc in barrel destined to become our 2022 Fumé Blanc has also finished fermentation.

The next step will be the addition of some malolactic (MLF) bacteria to start off the secondary fermentation designed to soften the acids in this wine. 

(If you need a reminder of what MLF is, head over to this post)



Our next Chardonnay is still fermenting slowly in barrel. It will take another couple of days to finish. 

It too will then have MLF bacteria added to promote secondary fermentation.


Pinot Noir Rosé

The Pinot Noir for Rosé is still fermenting way slowly in tank. Rob says it’s looking really lovely and sweet. But don’t panic, it won’t be sweet by the time it finishes fermentation! 

And as we’ve come to expect of Rob’s Rosé, it’s a beautiful pale blush pink colour.


Pinot Noir Dry Red

Rob’s 2022 dry red Pinot spent 8 days fermenting on skins. It was pressed and tucked away into barrel last week.

He says it looks “very promising”!


Light Dry Red

Also made from Pinot Noir, the fruit for this wine was picked earlier than that for the dry red. 

It’s been seeded with MLF bacteria and once that’s finished it will be prepared for bottle.



Half of our 2022 Picnic Races Red story…

It has finished primary fermentation and has been pressed. It looks extremely dark and has great spice aromas.

Once the Graciano has (been picked!) fermented out and pressed it will be blended with the Tempranillo.

So, that’s still a good couple of weeks away.



The Shiraz has finished primary fermentation and is just starting MLF. 

As usual, it is black as pitch with great flavours!


Well, it sounds like he has it all in hand. As you were, Rob!

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