Merry Christmas/Happy New Year – Part 2!

Wine / Wednesday, December 29th, 2021

Welcome to the “I’m on a massive SA/NSW/Victorian road trip with the family, my phone hotspot as my only internet connection, but I’m still determined to bring you a blog every week” second (and final) part of my Christmas/New Year Quiz!!

Thanks to everyone who entered Part 1 last week. I may not have replied, but your entry has definitely been noted.

Now all you need to do is answer this week’s questions and I’ll add a $10 credit to your account. You’ll also go into the draw for a fabulous Somerled hamper!

Missed Part 1? It’s not too late. Head on over to last week’s blog and send me the answers to both parts.

Right, let’s get to it…


1. Where am I?

a) Hahndorf

b) Ballarat (home of Sovereign Hill and a surprisingly warm day!)

c) Swan Hill (home of Pioneer Settlement)


2. Which two varieties does Rob use to make his (current vintage) sparkling wines?

a) Pinot Noir (white) and Cabernet Sauvignon (red)

b) Pinor Noir (white) and Shiraz (red)

c) Chardonnay (white) and Shiraz (red)


3. What is “veraison”

a) the point during the growing season at which the grapes start to change colour

b) the French word for “hangover”

c) the meat product from a deer


4. What makes the bubbles in Rob’s sparkling wines?

a) A giant Soda Stream machine

b) Rob blows the bubbles in through a big straw

c) A second bacterial fermentation


5. What is Heather’s favourite food pairing with Chardonnay?

a) her anchovy sticks

b) shellfish

c) Chicken and Chips from Stirling Chickens


Add your answers to the comments below or email me to claim your $10 credit and enter the draw for the Somerled gift hamper!

Tune in next week for all the answers!


Until then…

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you and your family a very Happy New Year! Thanks again for getting us through 2021. We really couldn’t have done it without you xx

19 Replies to “Merry Christmas/Happy New Year – Part 2!”

  1. 1. b
    2. b
    3. a
    4. c
    5. a

    The sparkling pinot went well with oysters on Christmas eve
    The shiraz went well with the roast pork and turkey
    Fantastic way to celebrate and enjoy the end of 2021!!

  2. Answers to Part 2 Denise and Symon Willman
    1. b) Ballarat Sovereign Hill
    2. b) Pinot Noir and Shiraz
    3. a) change of colour of grapes during growing season
    4. c) a second bacterial fermentation however Symon says he would like to see Rob blowing in through a straw! Ha! Ha! Ha!
    5. a) her anchovy sticks
    Thanks again for your effort whilst you are on holiday.

  3. Hi Maree
    thanks for your efforts all year, love reading your blogs, so much info I didn;t realise there was that much making plonk.
    my answers to this week’s quiz are BBACA

    Thanks again
    Trevor Wortmeyer.
    PS I loved the way you sought feedback from your blogs. now you know that lots of people do read them:-)

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