Merry Christmas/Happy New Year – Part 1!

Wine / Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Welcome to the “I’m on a massive SA/NSW/Victorian road trip with the family, my phone hotspot as my only internet connection, but I’m still determined to bring you a blog every week” first part (in a two-part series) of my Christmas/New Year Quiz!!


I’m hearing a few groans around the room at the word “quiz”. But don’t worry… it’s super easy, multiple-choice AND there is $10 credit for anyone who enters both parts. We’ll just add that to your account!

The grand prize (drawn at random) is a lovely Somerled gift hamper!


OK, let’s go…


1. Where am I?

a. Hahndorf

b. Cootamundra (home to the Cricket Captains Walk and a very long way from… anywhere)

c. Ballarat (where I am from and my family still live, but who am I kidding… look at that beautiful blue sky!)

d. Bowral (Sir Donald Bradman’s home town)


2. How old did the Jockey Club turn in September this year?

a. 10

b. 1

c. 79


3. What is your favourite Somerled wine?

a. nope, never tasted them

b. Sparkling Pinot Noir

c. Sauvignon Blanc

d. Fume Blanc

e. Chardonnay

f. Rose

g. LDR

h. Pinot Noir

i. Tempranillo

j. Shiraz

k. Sparkling Shiraz


4. What does LDR stand for?

a. Light Dry Red

b. Lucy Drinks Riesling

c. Let’s Drink Rob!

d. Lonely Desperate Rodeostar


5. How many blogs have we written?

a. 3

b. this one makes it 203

c. we honestly haven’t been counting



So, that’s it for Part One!! I told you it wouldn’t be too tricky.

Add your answers to the comments below or email me to claim your $10 credit and enter the draw for the Somerled gift hamper!

Tune in next week for Part Two!


But until then… 

From everyone at Somerled, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 

Thank you for your support, your friendship and for joining us here on the blog each week. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and the wines!

21 Replies to “Merry Christmas/Happy New Year – Part 1!”

  1. d. Bowral (Sir Donald Bradman’s home town)
    a. 10
    d. Fume Blanc (you forgot “l. all of the above”)
    a. Light Dry Red
    b. this one makes it 203

  2. Q1 – 2 Cootamundra
    Q2 – 10
    Q3 – All of them but if I had to choose, Rose, Sparkling Pinot Noir
    Q4 – Light dry red
    Q5 – C We honestly haven’t been counting

  3. 1b-2a-3g-4a-5b- Booyahkasha good luck on your road trip, Maree!!! We were to drive to a VIC Christmas but reckoned our old people’s AZ coverage was waning and so did our enthusiasm :/ But we’re having a very relaxed serene Christmas at home with our wine. 😉 xJill

  4. 1 b
    2 a
    3 j
    4 a
    5 b because you have been counting the big 2 0 0 came out three weeks back. Why you would bother is still a mystery!!

  5. 1.B.
    2. A.
    3. J. That’s like choosing your favourite child! Not fair…
    4. A. But I like b!
    5. B.

    Have a well deserved holiday Maree xx

  6. 1d

    If it was up to me, Maree, I would have bestowed a Honorary Degree of Viticulture and Oenology on you a long time ago for your excellent blog publications.

  7. Hullo,
    Question 1, at this moment I do not know as you are not in the picture.
    2, if you are talking about the Somerled Jockey Club 10, if the South Australian Jockey Club 147 years.
    3, All of them.
    4, All of them.
    5, A and B if you have written 203 you must have written 3!!!
    Enjoy your trip and life in general.

  8. Hi Maree
    (by the way I loved your blog on wine bottles.)
    My answers to your part one quiz are
    5B or C 🙂
    enjoy your roadtrip. safe travels- keep COVID Safe
    Trevor Wortmeyer

  9. Hi Maree
    not sure if my previous reply worked as it was sent on my old browser.
    any way I basically said
    that I loved your blog on wine bottles. very interesting.
    and the answers to your part one were
    4A and
    5 B or C
    best regards
    safe travels and keep COVID safe
    Trevor Wortmeyer

  10. Answers to Part 1 questions Denise and Symon Willman.
    1. d) Bowral
    2. a) 10
    3. j) Shiraz closely followed by b) Sparkling Pinot Noir
    4. a) Light Dry Red
    5. b) 203
    THANKS Maree Huge effort.

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