And the winner is…

Wine / Wednesday, January 5th, 2022

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our quiz and for keeping me entertained over the festive break!

A shout out especially to those who made up their own answers to the questions. While I’ll be marking you down for those responses, you did make me chuckle… so thanks!

Luckily, I didn’t say you needed to get the questions right to redeem your $10 credit and go into the draw for the Somerled hamper!

I’ll get to the lucky recipient of that soon. First, we should probably have a look at the answers (if you’re interested!)…



1. Where am (was) I?

b) Cootamundra (home to the Cricket Captains Walk and a very long way from… anywhere)

This is where my husband grew up and was stop number three on our 2,235.8km round trip!


2. How old did the Jockey Club turn in September this (last) year?

a) 10

Yay… happy birthday to the club and all the wonderful members in it!


3. What is your favourite Somerled wine?

I guess this is the only question for which I would have accepted another response to those presented. And it’s the right answer…

l) all of the above!


4. What does LDR stand for?

a) Light Dry Red

Although I would also accept b) Lucy Drinks Riesling or c) Let’s Drink, Rob!


5. How many blogs have we written?

At the time it was…

b) 203

This one makes it 205! 




1. Where am (was) I?

b) Ballarat (home of Sovereign Hill and a surprisingly warm day!)

This is where I grew up and was stop number five on our round trip!


2. Which two varieties does Rob use to make his (current vintage) sparkling wines?

b) Pinor Noir (white) and Shiraz (red)

Although, he has used Cabernet for his sparkling red in the past. Many sparkling wines are made with a combination of Chardonnay and Pinot or just Chardonnay alone, but Rob prefers to use just our beautiful Hills Pinot.


3. What is “veraison”?

a) the point during the growing season at which the grapes start to change colour

For those interested, the French term for “hangover” is “gueule de bois” which translates literally to “wooden kisser!”


4. What makes the bubbles in Rob’s sparkling wines?

c) A second fermentation

Although one respondent said they would pay to see Rob blowing bubbles into it via a straw!


5. What is Heather’s favourite food pairing with Chardonnay?

Believe it or not, the answer is…

c) Chicken and Chips from Stirling Chickens

It’s a perfect match!

Although it does go very nicely with the other options!


How did you go? 

OK, time for the big announcement…

The winner of this gorgeous Somerled hamper (which includes a bottle of his favourite wine!) is…

Robert Waldron

Congratulations Robert! We’ll be in touch.


For everyone else, your $10 credit has been added to your account and can be used for any purchases outside your regular club packs!

Thanks for playing along. We’ll be back to our regular educational content next week!

4 Replies to “And the winner is…”

  1. gee and I thought they were easy questions particularly with multiple choice! ….Wrong. I loved it, even though I got a few wrong!
    I hope you do it again…have a holiday I mean. 🙂
    Trevor W

  2. It was fun although I felt under immense pressure to get them all right, which I didn’t 🥺. Must be the teacher in me 🤓

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