If there are a million ways to make a red wine, there are a billion ways to make a rosé. (Fact). Why?

Start with the fact that you can use ANY red wine grape you like – shiraz, grenache, the lot. We’ve used sangiovese to great effect before, but we absolutely favour that gorgeous perfume of pinot noir. Each carries its own flavour profile – cherry, perfumed, mulberry – just like the big reds.

Secondly, how long do you press the fruit for? This process is somewhat more standard with big red wines, as winemakers will crush, press right down and leave that juice on skins for days. They want maximum flavour, tannin and colour.

But rosé can go either way! At Somerled we like it fine, soft and pale – so we can’t have it pressed for too long or we will get too much tannin. Others like to press for ages and come up with a darker, more tannic version.

Thirdly – sugar. We ferment ours right down so it’s bone dry, like the French. But with rosé in Australia there has been a longstanding trend to stop fermentation before it finishes so that not all sugar is fermented – and you are left with a sweeter wine which can be appealing to young drinkers.

The permutations in the way these three aspects can be approached are endless. Of course .. if you’d like to try the Adelaide Hills Trophy Winner .. best order some of ours! (Shameless) (But true).

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