How DO we get our bubbles so tiny? There are several methods of achieving bubbly wine, including even carbonation. But they don’t give you those bubbles!

Unless .. it’s the Traditional Method. Here, we take our base wine (pre-bubbles) and add yeast & sugar to it . We filter into the very bottles that they’re eventually sold in. The sugar starts fermenting straight away,  so we put a crown seal on so that we can trap the carbon dioxide that is produced – bubbles!

The bubbles end up fine and tiny due to the very high pressure at which this fermentation is all happening – all within the bottle!

Also because winemakers like to leave the wine just like this for months, years – we leave ours for over 2 years each vintage! – the bubbles continue to get finer and finer again.

Why would we want to leave them there for so long? Not because it’s cheap we can tell you! It’s because the dead yeast cells (lees) sink to the bottom of each bottle – creating a Coopers Pale Ale effect – and creating delicious toasty, yeasty, bready characters that are often much sought-after.

A dramatic sequence rids our bottles of the lees: two weeks before bringing the bottles to the Cellar Bar, we slowly invert them to let the lees slide right down to the bottle neck. We freeze the neck and whack off the seal, at which point a frozen clump of lees flies out of the bottle, we top it up with more wine – and there we have a beautiful, rich, complex and crystal clear Somerled Sparkling!

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